Full Automatic Pu

Product : Low pressure foaming machine polyurethane for Air Filter

Full Automatic


The most important usage of Full Automatic PU or low pressure with CNC for producing of variable Polyurethane (P.U),  Including automotive and industrial foam air filter

Important advantages of  Product.

  •  Full PLC with CNC desk
  •  The soft foam production of all automotive air filter light, semi- weight and weight in all forms, square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, trapezoid, Uribe, or any other form
  •  Ability to define a new air filter manually on the keyboard device or computer software and related
  •  Using of 6PLC for controlling and Management any items of system
  •  Automatic washing system with the ability to control the wash system to define a number of different production
  •  Without using of Inverter (for carelessness in related to PLC)
  •  Engines use highly accurate (Stepper Motor) instead of three-phase motor (due to low precision three-phase motor) IN injected and the CNC
  •  Air cooling system for heating and cooling needs for foam air filter
  •  Injection nozzle head with the most sophisticated technology available with cooling, cleaning, temperature control and different injection flow rate
  •  CNC desk with  ability of  putting on  several plastic Mold on each other of air filter
  •  Without need to grease the CNC desk
  •  The working Pneumatic system in washing place

Another important characteristic of the product

  •  This product have the CE and ISO 9001:2004 , ISO 10002:2008 standard
  •  Saving in production time by ability of controlling the member of production in an hour
  •  Exclusive advantage in able to change the form of foam rigid to flexible
  •  Exclusive  advantage in harmonization of this system with domestic one phase electricity 220V
  •  Having immune system for  protecting of system and without any noise and  Environmental pollution
  •  Having shift classis with ability of portable system.
  •  Low consuming electricity energy.

Product technical specifications

  •  The kind of initial materials : Polyurethane - isocyanates - Methylene Chloride.
  •  Equipped to 6 PLC (Full PLC The injection and Material Planning )
  • Having CNC desk High production speed for accuracy .
  •  System electricity PLC controlling .
  •  PLC and CNC controlling and Microcontroller.-
  • High technology of head mixer .
  •  Precise timing system and controllable by manual  or computational And lack of tolerance D.B
  •  Able to injection 1gr to 10gr per second and possibility of injecting to completed reservoir.
  •  Possibility of arranging pomp motors speed .
  •  Types of useful efficiency
  • Dimensions: length 150, width 80, height 175 (cm) and Dimension CNC: Length 100 Width 100 Height 100 cm
  •  Weight: 450 kg
  •  Witness  exit diameter 4 mm (of course this diameter can be changed by choice of customer)
  •  Equipped to Methylene Chloride washing system with 10 lit reservoir .
  • Possibility vary different air filter types as circle, slanted, rectangle, square and every other forms just with one desk CNC  .
  •  Planning 30 different filter types
  •  The reservoirs capable of 70 lit and each reservoir equipped to Hydraulic pump and external gap.
  •  Production capacity of 80,000 air filters for 8 hours per day in a month
  •  1year guarantee for Replacement parts and 10 years in services after selling .
  • Affix and launching gratuitous in customer workshop by company technicians .
  • Certificate : CE (Certificate No: 098180008740001 ), ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No: QU461) , ISO 10002:2004 (Certificate No: QU462), Certificate Iran : 2929412460


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